The Center for Regional Integration and Trade Research Solutions Limited (CRITR)

is a pan-African social enterprise that champions Africa’s prosperity through its core objective of promoting integration and trade optimization for the support of robust and equitable economic growth markets, enhancing trade liberalization while preventing Intra trade agreement conflicts primarily in West Africa and across Africa.

Why Work With Us?


Our passion, skill, and experience at what we do assure excellent delivery because quality is our watchword.

Research & Analytics

Our recommendations, advice, and training are backed by research and data that are transparent to all.

Independent Staff

We are devoid of political interests that may corrupt judgements or processes and hinder operational unbias and efficiency.

Experienced Leadership

We take pride in our leadership capabilities built over at least twenty years of experience in varied national and international development strategic sectors.

We Provide The Best Solutions To Develop Economies

Research & Development

Data-driven activities that innovate and introduce new opportunities for continental advantage.

Planning & Strategy

Set priorities that channel energy and resources to strengthen deliverables that ensure paced development.

Sustainable Processes

Reliable. Replicable. Measurable. Results that are confirmable by the best standards.

Our Expert

We Have More Than 20+ Years Practical Experience

Egbuna Eunice Ngozi


Ekpo Akpan Hogan


Omotor Douglason Godwin


Juliet U. Elu


Justin Hamer, den


Chukwudumebi Egbuna


About Us

We are social transformers charged with the responsibility to move regional integration beyond words; 

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